1 Union Square West, Suite 505; Call:347-282-6688

Apple Computer Repair New York

Apple Computer Repair New York: 1 Union Square West, Suite 505; Call:347-282-6688.

Apple Computer Repair New York is a professional, friendly, New York City based Apple Service Center. Apple Computer Repair New York only hires trained engineers who are helpful, polite, courteous. Our Mac Apple Computer Specialists are effective in solving your Mac software problems or Mac hardware repair. Apple Computer Repair New York is an information technology company providing apple repair service and support in New York, NYC, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Bronx area. 

We offer dedicated Apple and Mac support for offices, businesses and residential customers in New York City since 2000. So far, we have worked with over 5,500 Apple satisfied clients. Based on our 15 years of Apple repair services experience most common Mac issues are the following:

  • Apple Computer Repair New YorkShuts down randomly. That is usually a system board issue. Our Apple specialists can and will fix it. Come see us if you are experiencing this issue.
  • Makes ticking or clicking sounds. This is bad! The Apple hard drive is going bad. The Mac hard drive need to be immediately replaced. We provide Mac Data Recovery if necessary.  
  • LCD shows colored lines when booting up. 
  • LCD display fails, or flickers. Apple Screen Replacement is mandatory.
  • CD/DVD drive scratches disks.
  • WiFi connection is poor quality and/or keeps dropping.
  • Track pad is unresponsive.
  • Black screen of death.
  • Slows down considerably when playing video.
  • Flashing folder with question mark ( ? ) symbol; spinning  beach ball; Apple white screen.

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Our Apple Computer Repair New York experts work with the next Apple computer issues: Mac computer not booting, not powering on, won’t turn on, Apple laptop overheating, broken power socket repair, Mac and Apple motherboard repair, iMac, MacBook Pro and Air graphics card, Apple laptop screen replacement, Mac RAM upgrade, Mac hard drive replacement, Mac OS X operating systems & software installing (Lion, Mountain Lion, Panther, Leopard, Snow Leopard), iCloud, Apple TV, Time Capsule configuration, Mac data recovery, Mac email issues, Apple password recovery, new Apple computer setup, Mac data migration from old machine, computer health check, Apple remote support services.

We fix all makes and models: Apple Macbook, Macbook Pro, Mac Pro, Mac Mini, MacBook Air, iMac, G4, G5. We cover Brooklyn, Manhattan, New York City, NYC, Queens for any Apple Repair Services.

Apple Computer Repair New York is dedicated to offer the most committed, friendly and reliable service and support to our customers. Apple Computer Repair New York and Apple Laptop Repair New York are available in Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, NYC. In office Macintosh, Apple and MacBook repair New York including data recovery, motherboard repair, Apple screen replacement, memory and Mac hard drive recovery and upgrades! 

Apple Computer Repair New York: 1 Union Square West, Suite 505; Call:347-282-6688.

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